You have decided that the time is right for you to migrate your MSSQL environment to SAP HANA. The migration wizard available in any patch download package for SAP Business One will help you with the process of migrating your company databases to SAP HANA.

In our Administrator’s Guide, SAP provide the required pre-requisites and step-by-step details of running the wizard, but today I wanted to share with you some helpful hints from real experiences of running the migration wizard for very large databases.

Firstly, on the server where you are performing the migration process, make sure there are adequate resources for a demanding workload. Assuming it’s a 64-bit OS, you should install the 64-bit version for Java 8, which is a pre-requisite for the wizard. Make sure there is lots of RAM capacity on the server, upwards of 64 GB.

Next, when you are defining the different parameters in the migration wizard and you get to the ‘migration performance settings’ window we recommend the following values:

  • JAVA VM Memory Allocation (MB), this defines the upper limit of the memory used by the JVM, set value to 1024
  • Read/write batch size (no. of records), this defines the number of records for each read or write batch operation, set value to 40000
  • Max. blob size (MB), this defines the upper limit for binary large objects (BLOB), set value as 4096

There are a set of recommended default values for these parameters as documented in the administrator’s guide, so a good approach here is to test these values first then increase as per our suggestion if the migration fails. Do take into consideration that increasing these parameters can potentially negatively impact the overall performance of the migration.

There is a final point to consider, do let the migration wizard complete the task because eventually it will either complete successfully or it will fail. If it does fail, you can check the migration log by clicking on the link in the wizard summary window.

Source: Yvonne Doyle

Support Expert for SAP Business One Product Support.

Edited by APZON Team.